Holliday filled with music in France


Musical hollidays in France


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Just imagine…  A spacious tranquil holliday filled with swimming,fishing, strolls along the lake. A meet up with nice people in a rural envoirement and above that, there is room for your passion, making music

Camping Les Grebes du Lac de Marcenay is situated at Bourgogne, France and is surrounded by inspiring nature and pittoresk farms, Look at Googlemaps for the exact place of the camping.  This yearis the exciting start of someting new as the camping starts for next few years to become  a Music Campsite.  You can also look at   Facebookpagina of the campsite.

What does it mean? A Music Campsite?

A Music Camping opens its doors for (amateur) musicians and lovers of music. The idea is to attrackt people with the same interests in order to freely meet and make music in good atmosphere.  By doing this the camping hopefuly will grow comming years towards a place where old friends reunion and new friends meet eachother. As they all share the love for music. There will be no extra costs to join the musical events, except if you want to follow a workshop. The only costs will be to pay for the overnight at the campsite. Everything is possible: to  make music alone or with others. At the cosy meetingplace or at the terras. Or simply play a few tunes in front of the tent or caravan. Ofcourse groups are welcome too. If you dont have your instrument with you, you can use the instruments allready there at campsite: electric piano, guitar or bass guitar

These instruments are free to use for the guests staying at the campsite.

During the summerperiod gitarist Ton Karmiggelt will be mostly there to organise the musical part. He will  give workshops to people who want to poor even more out to devellop musically in their hollidays.. As of 4 july 2015 till 12 july 2015 we will try to organise a jam together. I will be at the camsite as well then.  To attent the jam is free when you  stay at the campsite..

Costs to stay at the campsite you find HERE. Besides campingspots, are also homes and mobilehomes for rent. We hope to see a lot of fellow musicians this week to play with!

Campsite Les Grebes du Lac lis situated at a lake and has free wifi. The campsite has a space of 38000 m2 and 90 campingspots. We hope you are as enthousiastic about this concept as we are. Will you come this summer? That would be so much fun!.


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