At this moment I am busy with several projects. As a singer with my bands Lazy Sunday Café and Miss Marple, but also I am to organise a jam in France.

In May 2015 I hope to visit the London jam again and have a great time my my friends to meet and make music again. This will be streamed on the internet with Livestream again. So you can watch how much fun we have making music! Hopefully good music!

In september 2015 Admire, the jam for online musicians is noted  in my calander. We going to make music in Kasteel de Berckt in Baarlo with musicians from all over the world. A great expierience! And so very inspiring! This will not being LIVE streamed with a webcam. So if you wan to hear us, you need to come down there. You won’t regret it. It is a great atmosphere, with los of differerent live music created on the spot. 🙂


  • Peter / april 24, 2016:
    Hoi Marijke, bedankt voor de muzikale invulling bij RFC en... »
  • Gerrit / maart 5, 2016:
    Wat een mooie stem en jezelf begeleiden met gitaar top... »
  • Brindi / januari 4, 2016:
    Mar has the voice of a thousand cherubs singing joyfully... »
  • Marian / juli 20, 2015:
    Ik kan het niet laten om hier een berichtje op... »
  • HannahValentine / juli 1, 2015:
    I have the great pleasure of hostessing one of Mar's... »


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